Pokémon Trading Card Game – Other rules

Special Conditions
Effective January 17, 2002, the Special Conditions are Sleep, Confusion, Paralysis, Poison, and Burn. A Pokémon afflicted by a Special Condition can’t use Pokémon Power.
Pokémon Power
The older Pokémon Power is to be read as also including the newer Poke-POWERs and Poke-BODYs. Poke-POWERs are not Pokémon Powers. If a Pokémon Power reads, “This power works even if X is Asleep, Confused, or Paralyzed”, it will still function in case of Burn or Poison as well. A Poké-Power is an ability that you can choose to use, and that can’t function when the Pokémon is affected by a Special Condition (a notable exception is “Baby Evolution”). A Poké-Body is an ability that functions as soon as the Pokémon is put in play and until it leaves play.
When a Pokémon is Burned, place a burn marker on it. At the end of each player’s turn, flip a coin. If tails, place two damage counters on the Pokémon. When your opponent burns your Pokémon again, it isn’t doubly burned. Your Pokémon remains burned until you retreat it.
When a Confused Pokémon wants to attack, flip a coin. If heads, the attack works normally. If tails, place three damage counters on the Pokémon (the attack fails). A Confused Pokémon may retreat normally.
A player may make only one retreat each turn.
Darkness and Metal Energy
The special Energy cards Darkness and Metal Energy give their effects only to Darkness or Metal Pokémon, respectively. They may be attached to other Pokémon, though.
Stadium cards
A player may play only one Stadium card each turn.
Mutual exclusivity of Special Conditions
The conditions Confusion, Sleep, and Paralysis are mutually exclusive, as they require that you turn the Pokémon card to show its effect.

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