Pokémon Gold Version, Silver Version, and Crystal Version – Walkthrough – Ruins of Alph

This information might be useful when playing Pokémon HeartGold Version and Pokémon SoulSilver Version, too.

Ruins of Alph

These ruins were created about 1500 years ago. It is your job to try to solve its mystery. The first place to go is the Mystery Stone Panel Chamber.

The Chamber is a puzzle. To do the puzzle, you have to move the blocks on the edges to the middle of the puzzle. The pieces form an ancient Pokémon. Here’s a hint: Start with the border first.

When you finish the solution, you may find out that the Pokémon is Kabuto.

When you do complete the puzzle, a small song will play. When this happens, press A to exit the puzzle.

Then, suddenly, the room shakes and you fall down to the ruins. Next, you’ll meet Pokémon called Unown. As you explore the ruins, you’ll find that the Unown get different each time. Catch three different Unown shapes and leave the ruins.

A scientist will then upgrade your Pokédex. See below to find out more.

Kabuto. “A Pokémon that hid on the sea floor. Eyes on its back scanned the area.”
Alternatively: “This Pokémon hides on the sea floor and watches the shore with eyes on its back.”
Aerodactyl. “This flying Pokémon attacked its prey with saw-like fangs.” Alternatively: “This Pokémon knew no fear and flew as it pleased through the skies long ago.”
Omanyte. “This Pokémon drifted in the sea by twisting its ten tentacles.” Alternatively: “A ten-legged Pokémon that swims on the bottom of the sea and eats plankton.”
Ho-Oh. “A Pokémon that flew gracefully on rainbow-colored wings.” Alternatively: “This Pokémon, with feathers of seven colors, flies through the sky, according to legend.”
image Where can I find these puzzles?

There are four different puzzles in all. To reach the second one, surf down from the ruins. The third and fourth puzzles can be reached by a passageway from Union Cave:

First, go to Union Cave and make your way to the stairs shown in the red circle. You’ll end up on the floor shown in the map on the right. Note that you’ll have to surf and move big rocks — something a trainer normally can’t do — to get to all the puzzles.

Letter Word
image ANGRY
image BEAR
image CHASE
image DIRECT
image ENGAGE
image FIND
image GIVE
image HELP
image JOIN
image KEEP
image LAUGH
image MAKE
Letter Word
image NUZZLE
image SEARCH
image TELL
image UNDO
image VANISH
image WANT
image XXXXX
image YIELD
image ZOOM
What do the Unown pieces look like?

The Unown come in many different forms. You can keep track of them by getting the Unown upgrade to your Pokédex. To get the upgrade, catch three different Unown shapes, leave the ruins, and a scientist will follow you to the Research Center and perform the upgrade. There are 26 different shapes (denoting the 26 letters of the English alphabet — the Ruins of Alph). When you solve each of the puzzles, more Unown shapes will become available.

Puzzle Completed Letters Released
Kabuto A through K
Aerodactyl L through R
Omanyte S through W
Ho-Oh X, Y, Z

When you catch all 26 shapes, you can print the shapes using the printer on the upper-right corner of the lab room.

How do I use the new “Unown-Dex”?

After you receive the upgrade, select Pokédex from the menu and press Select. There should be a new option called “Unown Mode”. Choose it and you’ll view all Unown you have, in the order in which they were caught. Below each shape is a word made up of Unown letters.

Is there more in the Ruins of Alph?

Well, when you’re inside the ruins with a radio, use it and tune it all the way to the right. You’ll get a station labeled “?????” that allows you to hear the music that the Unown make. The station also makes it easier to find Unown in the Ruins of Alph.

When you’re done, go to Route 32.

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