Pokémon Gold Version, Silver Version, and Crystal Version – Walkthrough – Violet City

This information might be useful when playing Pokémon HeartGold Version and Pokémon SoulSilver Version, too.

Violet City
“The City of Nostalgic Scents”

Violet City is where you’ll compete for your first Pokémon badge. The gym leader there uses birds. Grass Pokémon, like Chikorita and Bellsprout, are easily defeated by these birds.

At the house south of the Pokémon Center, the boy will trade your Bellsprout for his Onix (“Rocky”, holds Bitter Berry).

Go north to the tower known as Sprout Tower.

Sprout Tower

Sprout Tower was built long ago as a training center.

Make your way to the top, where you’ll encounter Sages. At night, try catching a Gastly.

At the very top, your rival has defeated the elder at the end first. Then he uses an Escape Rope to leave the tower. Now it’s your turn to defeat the elder. Nearby is an extra Escape Rope.

When you defeat him, you’ll receive HM05 (Flash). Flash lights up even the darkest caverns. Use your Escape Rope to leave the tower.

Back in Violet City, go into the gym building.

Falkner’s Gym

Pokémon Gyms are dedicated to one type of Pokémon.

This gym’s leader, Falkner, is a master of birds. Grass Pokémon are at risk. The best Pokémon to use are other birds and fire Pokémon. Three Bird Keepers block the way to Falkner.

image Falkner – The Elegant Master of Flying Pokémon
L7 Pidgey- Tackle, Gust, Mud Slap
L9 Pidgeotto- Tackle, Gust, Mud Slap

imageUpon defeating Falkner, you’ll receive the Zephyrbadge, which raises the Attack power of your Pokémon and allows you to use Flash outside of battle. You’ll also receive TM31 (Mud Slap), which may lower the accuracy of foes.

When you leave the gym, you’ll receive a phone call from Professor Elm. Elm tells you that the Egg you gave him really is a Pokémon Egg, and asks that you visit his assistant in the Violet City Pokémon Center.

In the center, talk to the scientist there. He’ll ask you to hold the Egg for him. Say yes, and you’ll receive the Egg. The Egg stays with your Pokémon in battle, and it can’t hatch unless it stays with your party. Make sure you have no more than 5 Pokémon in your party, or you won’t get the Egg.

Now, you can go west to Route 36 and the Ruins of Alph, or go south to Route 32.

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