Pokémon Red Version, Blue Version, and Yellow Version – Walkthrough – Indigo Plateau and the Elite Four

This information might be useful when playing Pokémon FireRed Version and Pokémon LeafGreen Version, too.

To the Pokémon League

Now you’ve collected all the badges you’ll need to enter the Pokémon League. Go west to Route 22 and through the grass. As you walk through the route, you’ll meet Gary once again.

After defeating Gary, continue on west.
Go over to the huge building at the end of the road. This is the Pokémon League gate, where eight guards will ask for your badges. You’ll need to bring a Pokémon that knows how to surf and a Pokémon that knows Strength to get through the league route.

The building at the very end leads to Victory Road.

This is the final test for your Pokémon before you can enter the Pokémon League. This is a cavern with boulders you can push. What you need to do is move the boulders to target-shaped switches to remove blocks that are blocking your way. The switches will help you find the exit.

Somewhere in the cave, you’ll find the legendary bird Pokémon, Moltres. Your Pokémon probably aren’t strong enough to weaken it enough for catching, but if you still want to try, save the game before battling Moltres.

Once you reach the exit, you’re finally out of the cave. Go north to Indigo Plateau.

Indigo Plateau and the Elite Four

In Indigo Plateau, you’ll fight the top four Pokémon trainers in battle. You must defeat all four of them in succession. If you lose, you’ll have to start all over. Make sure your Pokémon are trained to Level 60 or higher, and stock up on recovery items. Remember, once you enter the door leading to the Elite Four, there’s no turning back. After defeating each trainer, make any necessary repairs with your recovery items.

Above all, good luck.

image Lorelei
L54 Dewgong-Rest, Bubblebeam, Aurora Beam, Take Down
L53 Cloyster-Ice Beam, Clamp, Spike Cannon, Supersonic
L54 Slowbro-Surf, Psychic, Amnesia, Withdraw
L56 Jynx-Thrash, Ice Punch, Doubleslap, Lovely Kiss
L58 Lapras-Hydro Pump, Blizzard, Confuse Ray, Body Slam

Lorelei uses ice and water Pokémon. Use Pikachu/Jolteon/Zapdos for most of the battle, but use a fire Pokémon on Jynx. Dewgong could take a while because of its Rest.

image Bruno
L53 Onix-Rock Slide, Dig, Screech, Slam
L55 Hitmonchan-Thunderpunch, Ice Punch, Double Team, Fire Punch
L55 Hitmonlee-Double Kick, Double Team, Mega Kick, Hi Jump Kick
L56 Onix-Earthquake, Screech, Slam, Rock Slide
L58 Machamp-Karate Chop, Strength, Leer, Submission

The easiest battle of the four. Use Kadabra/Alakazam or another psychic Pokémon on all of them. Water is also effective.

image Agatha
L56 Gengar-Mega Drain, Substitute, Confuse Ray, Lick
L55 Golbat-Supersonic, Wing Attack, Leech Life, Toxic
L55 Haunter-Dream Eater, Hypnosis, Lick, Confuse Ray
L58 Arbok-Glare, Acid, Screech, Wrap
L60 Gengar-Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Confuse Ray, Psychic

Immune to physical attacks, Agatha’s ghost Pokémon make this battle quite difficult. Because of her lack of fighting, you should use psychic, electric, or water types on these ghosts. Make sure you use a psychic Pokémon in this battle.

image Lance
L58 Gyarados-Hyper Beam, Dragon Rage, Leer, Hydro Pump
L56 Dragonair-Thunderbolt, Slam, Hyper Beam, Thunder Wave
L56 Dragonair-Bubblebeam, Ice Beam, Wrap, Hyper Beam
L60 Aerodactyl-Hyper Beam, Wing Attack, Fly, Swift
L62 Dragonite-Hyper Beam, Fire Blast, Blizzard, Thunder

Lance is the leader of the Elite Four and also the toughest. He uses dragon Pokémon, which he says are “virtually indestructible.” They, however, have a weakness to ice attacks. Use a Pokémon that knows Ice Beam or Blizzard, such as Articuno or Blastoise or Cloyster. Electric attacks work wonders against Gyarados.

Upon defeating the Elite Four, Lance names you Pokémon League champion, that is, if Gary hadn’t beaten you to it. Now fight Gary to reclaim your title.

image Gary
Pokémon he may have:
Sandslash-Poison Sting, Slash, Earthquake, Fury Swipes
Alakazam-Psychic, Psybeam, Kinesis, Recover
Exeggutor-Barrage, Hypnosis, Stomp, Leech Seed
Cloyster-Clamp, Ice Beam, Aurora Beam, Spike Cannon
Ninetales-Quick Attack, Tail Whip, Confuse Ray, Fire Spin
Magneton-Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Screech, Swift
Vaporeon-Aurora Beam, Hydro Pump, Quick Attack, Mist
Jolteon-Thunder Wave, Pin Missile, Quick Attack, Thunder

Pokémon Red Version and Pokémon Blue Version:
L61 Pidgeot, L59 Alakazam, L61 Rhydon, and:
(if he chose Bulbasaur)
L61 Gyarados, L63 Arcanine, L65 Venusaur
(if he chose Charmander)
L61 Exeggutor, L63 Gyarados, L65 Charizard
(if he chose Squirtle)
L61 Arcanine, L63 Exeggutor, L65 Blastoise
L61 Sandslash, L59 Alakazam, L61 Exeggutor, and:
(if he got Vaporeon)
L61 Ninetales, L63 Magneton, L65 Vaporeon
(if he got Jolteon)
L61 Cloyster, L63 Ninetales, L65 Jolteon
(if he got Flareon)
L61 Magneton, L63 Cloyster, L65 Flareon

Having defeated the Elite Four, your Pokémon may be very weak by now. You’ll do fine with some recovery items. Gary has a well-balanced team, so yours should be well balanced as well if you want to beat Gary. Here’s how to defeat Gary’s Pokémon:
Pidgeot – use an electric Pokémon
Ninetales, Charizard, Flareon, Arcanine – use a water Pokémon
Magneton, Jolteon – use a ground Pokémon
Exeggutor, Venusaur – use a fire Pokémon
Cloyster, Blastoise, Vaporeon, Gyarados – use an electric Pokémon
Alakazam – use a fire Pokémon, or a bug Pokémon if you have one
Sandshrew, Rhydon – use a water/grass Pokémon

When you defeat Gary, you are the new champion. Professor Oak arrives and congratulates you on your victory and follows you to the next room. You and your Pokémon are now inducted into the Pokémon League Hall Of Fame.

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