Pokémon Red Version, Blue Version, and Yellow Version – Walkthrough – Vermilion City

This information might be useful when playing Pokémon FireRed Version and Pokémon LeafGreen Version, too.

Vermilion City

“The Port of Exquisite Sunsets”

Begin your journey through this city by the sea by visiting the Pokémon Fan Club (the house right above the Pokémon Gym). Just talk to the chairman, say Yes, and after the chairman finishes his story, he’ll give you a Bike Voucher, which you can redeem for a bicycle at the bike shop in Cerulean City. The house at the left of the Pokémon Center is the Fishing Guru’s house. Talk to him, say that you love fishing, and he’ll give you his rod (an Old Rod). With the rod, you can only catch Magikarps at Level 5. Also, even though the rod is old, you always succeed in catching something. You’ll notice that a bush is blocking the gym, so go south to the docks, and flash your S.S. Ticket to enter S.S. Anne.

The S.S. Anne is on its annual cruise, and it’s filled with trainers. Try navigating the ship and battling a few of the trainers and finding all the items.

In the galley (kitchen), search through the trash cans to find a Great Ball. A Great Ball is more effective than a Poké Ball for catching Pokémon.

When you try to enter the Captain’s room, Gary will come and stop you. Defeat him, and you can enter the Captain’s room. He is sick. Help him by rubbing his back, and he will give you HM01 (Cut). You can use Cut to cut down bushes throughout the region. Remember to make sure you got all the items, because once you leave the ship with HM01, it will sail away.

Now that you have Cut, teach it to a compatible Pokémon. But before going into the gym, you may want to go east into Diglett’s Cave and encounter the Pokémon Diglett there. Then head back to Vermilion City and cut down the bush (see below) to enter the Pokémon Gym.

In order to cut down a bush, you’ll have to know what a bush looks like. It’s almost confusing since bushes look almost like trees. Anyway, a bush looks like this: It looks almost like a Y-shaped tree.Now, to cut down a bush, face the bush, push START, select Pokémon, select the Pokémon you taught Cut to, and select Cut. Your Pokémon will hack away the bush.

The Leader of the Vermilion Gym is Lieutenant Surge, who favors Electric-type Pokémon in battle.

This gym is a puzzle. The door leading to Lt. Surge is electronically locked, and you’ll have to push some switches to open it. One of the switches is placed in a random location on one of the trash cans. Search around every can to find it. (Press A to search in a trash can.) Once you find the first switch, the can with the second switch is right next to the first one. If you guessed wrong, you have to start over.

TIP: When you find the first switch, save the game. Then, when you guess wrong, reset the game and try another trash can. In rare cases, the second switch could be found in the same trash can where you found the first switch.

When you finally open the door, just talk to Lt. Surge…

image Lieutenant Surge – The Lightning American
L21 Voltorb- Tackle, Screech, Sonicboom
L18 Pikachu- Thundershock, Growl, Thunder Wave, Quick Attack
L24 Raichu- Thundershock, Growl, Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt
For Yellow, Lt. Surge has just Raichu, but it is at level 28.
Don’t use any water or flying attacks. The best you can use is Diglett, Geodude/Graveler or any ground or rock Pokémon.

imageUpon defeating Lt. Surge, you’ll receive the Thunderbadge, which raises your Pokémon’s Speed and allows you to use Fly outside of battle. You’ll also receive TM24 (Thunderbolt). Teach it to an electric Pokémon.

image Squirtle! Squirtle!

In Pokémon Yellow Version, talk to the police officer in Vermilion to get a Squirtle at Level 10. Make sure you got the Thunderbadge from Lt. Surge.

Now go east to Diglett’s Cave.

Diglett’s Cave

Just make your way through the cave. To make it through faster, put your strongest Pokémon at the top of the list, and use your bicycle. This is the second opportunity you have to catch a Diglett, if you didn’t get one already. When you’re at the end of the cave, you’ll end up at Route 2.

Route 2

Cut down the bush down the route, and keep going until you reach the building on the path. Go in. If you caught 10 different kinds of Pokémon, Professor Oak’s aide will give you HM05 (Flash). Flash allows you to see in dark caverns. An electric Pokémon or Abra can learn Flash. Teach this to Abra. Further down the path, you’ll find a Moon Stone and HP Up. Go back north to Pewter City.

Pewter City

When in Pewter City, go to the notheast side, through the ledge, and cut down the bush by the way, then go into the door.

You’ve reached the other side of the museum. Talk to the scientist near the shiny ball. He’ll tell you that it’s amber that he thinks contains an ancient Pokémon. He gives it to you (labeled “Old Amber”) to take to a Pokémon Lab to resurrect it.

Leave the museum, and whichever way you choose, head back to Cerulean City, and east to Route 9.

Route 9

Simply proceed east through this route and battle the trainers there.

Upon reaching the Pokémon Center, heal your Pokémon, and then enter the Rock Tunnel.

Rock Tunnel

It is very helpful to have a Pokémon use Flash, since it makes navigating the tunnel much easier. If you don’t have HM05, you should note that there’s only one path going through. There are many trainers in the tunnel. After working your way through this very long path, you’ll appear at Route 10.

Route 10

Nothing much to do here. Inspect the bush in the upper-right corner for a Max Ether, then go south to Lavender Town.

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